La Gua Gua is the story of a life

In the sixties, when this beach was only accessible by sea or down a beaten track, Juan Viñolas made it possible to transport visitors from Roses to Almadraba Beach using and old bus. He called this bus “la Gua-Gua”.

Seeing how wonderful this small turquoise beach was, he decided, along with his wife, Pilar, to buy the premises where the restaurant is now located.

Since the early days, la Gua-Gua has been a place for social gatherings. From making sandwiches and selling refreshments, it has turned into a fully fledged family-run restaurant, where high quality food and service is of the utmost importance, thanks to Pilar’s tenacity and handwork.

With the desire to improve end ensure a friendly environment, on behalf of everyone in la Gua-Gua, we want to thank you for coming, and hope that you enjoy your visit